ePak Management Suite

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Intelligent Verification Module
This tool accepts shipping data including destination addresses and prepares them for further processing by standardizing the input to conform to national carriers.
Delivery Point Validation Module
This tool analyzes the standardized shipping data and performs a seven-point validation to ensure the packages will get delivered to the destination point free of accessorial charges.
Best Method Rate Shopping Module
This tool accepts the standardized shipping data that has been delivery point validated and compares the total cost of shipping among the various national carriers.
Label Generation Module
This tool interfaces with the customer carrier of choice to ship packages and generate carrier compliant labels.
Tracking Module
This tool provides the customer with the ability to monitor the movement of the packages from the point of shipment through the point of destination.
Guaranteed Service Module
This tool provides the customer with the ability to automatically generate claims for the packages that were delivered outside the service window.
Returns Module
This tool alerts the customer when returns are detected. The module may optionally integrate with an external system to provide notification of the return to an external system.
Reconciliation Module
This tool compares the negotiated shipment cost to the actual invoice cost and reports on variances.

eBliss Logistics Software

The eBliss software suite was designed and created to reduce cost through the elimination of accessorial and surcharge based fees associated with small package and parcel deliveries.

We devised this software suite with the knowledge that the small package and parcel carriers derive the majority of their revenue through accessorial and surcharge-based fees. By eliminating or severely reducing these fees before the shipping process begins, we have successfully been able to lower the cost of shipping with these small package and parcel carriers.

Our software is a multi stage data and address validation system that is more thorough than many of those systems currently on the market. Our system targets that the price provided at the time of shipping is the price you pay at the time of invoice.

Our software is very detailed and complex in its engineering. To learn more, please contact us and we will be happy to elaborate on the finer points of our software and services.

ePak Management Suite

(ePak) is a comprehensive set of tools that provide the customer with complete control and management of all aspects of their shipping processes. This includes the ability to generate carrier compliant shipping labels for their carrier of choice and tracking the location of all packages from the point of shipment through the point of destination. The suite includes the following component modules (click to show):

eBliss = Savings