eBliss Warehouse Management Suite

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Order Management Module
Comprehensive order management tool that includes Mobile web order management, B2B Omni channel eCommerce, and automated purchase orders. The ability to integrate with your back office systems. Adjusts inventory in real time.
Payables Management Module
At point of installation or destination notification system can send back to customers payable application proof to pay. Module can interface with most payable applications customers are in control of spend. Can post back at order level to produce payment a complete automated process.
Assembly/Fulfillment Management Module
Can combine multiple parts from multiple SKU�s into one product SKU when assembled. Interface tools for messaging back to customer and links to carrier systems for real time updates through out the entire platform.
Returns Management Module
Gain Control of returns and post back to Inventory in real time enables the most accurate Inventory report available. Restock �Destroy eBliss is based on Business rules for products another step to ensure accuracy. Automated process for damages through integration that post back to accounting software.
Event Management Module
Manages change orders, back orders and damages. Updates Shipping Releases. Tracks transfers from one location to another. Uses business rules for to prevent stock Stock outs and over-ordering. Reporting tools for expiring goods and FIFO.

eBliss Logistics Software

A modular and flexible solution, designed for any industry and/or market (healthcare, retail, technology, manufacturing or financial) for any season (able to handle peaks and valleys). WMS is a key part of the supply chain, as it aims to control the movement and storage of materials and processes associated within a single warehouse or several warehouses. These processes include ordering, shipping, receiving, restocking, storage, picking and fulfillment. eBliss WMS Suite directs and optimizes stock "put-away" based on real time information and status of what is in inventory.

Customizations based on requirements are completely rules based. It is a fully functional warehouse management system that runs inventory and fulfillment within one or many locations.

Warehouse Management Suite (WMS)

A robust warehouse management system provides inventory control through the process of receiving inventory, putting it into stock locations and moving it to production stations, as well as facilitating selling, picking, packing and shipping.

Easy manage any warehouse